Its In Your Jeans not Genes

I think the issue is pretty obvious, its hard to find a really good pair of jeans. The scenario plays itself out time and time again, your in the mall, you find a $20 pair of jeans, you wear and wash them once, and thats pretty much it.

After the first wear low quality jeans will almost always lose their original fitting and feel.

So why go through the hassle of trying to repair or return them when you could purchase a premium quality long lasting pair of jeans in the first place? Good Question.

One of the biggest factors overlooked when shopping for apparel is your return on investment. One may believe that buying the cheaper pair is a better choice. But this couldn't be further from the truth.

If you purchase a $20 pair of jeans and only get 20 wears out of it before it loses fitting as opposed to getting a $195 pair of Gardeur Nevio Stretch Denim Jeans which lasts years your ROI is much less with the lower quality pair of jeans. Its Simple Math.

Treat yourself to value, experience quality apparel first hand, and buy your first pair of Gardeur or Hiltl Jeans today!



Posted on June 28, 2014 .

Less Bag More Brag

It is often one of the most misconceived fashion fads of todays age, baggy pants. 

The thought process leads one to believe that the more bag left in the back of worn jeans or pants, the better the fit. This is untrue for many reasons.

The misconception is derived partially due to the assumption that the baggier the jeans are the more comfortable they feel.

It is quite the contrary though. Jeans or pants for that matter that are fitted proportionately to ones stature proves to be much more comfortable. The jeans should grip your waste firmly allowing just enough room and stretch for a comfortable wearing experience.

Do you have an Elephant Butt?

Do you have an Elephant Butt?

Posted on May 10, 2014 .