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Neils Men's Shop is dedicated to fitting each client with a suit that is truly tailored to their stature. Please contact us and we will work with you to create the suit of your dreams!

Measure Up Custom Shirts. Made In Tennessee. A shirt for every day, but not an every day shirt.

Measure Up Custom Shirts. Made In Tennessee. A shirt for every day, but not an every day shirt.


   Neil's takes great pride and pleasure in offering these lines of designer men's suits.  Please contact
us by calling our toll free number (888) 531-9789 to inquire about suits by these great companies.



hickey freeman factory

The Temple to Fine Tailoring...that's what everyone calls it.  Two young entrepreneurs named Jacob Freeman and Jeremiah Hickey built it in the early years of the 20th century.  Their plan was to bring high-quality hand-tailoring to men from coast to coast. As they envisioned it, a Hickey Freeman suit would be a testament to both the delicate artistry of hand-craftsmanship and the steady consistency of modern technology.

Their idea turned into an epic American success story.  Men of style and achievement have, for generation after generation, turned to Hickey Freeman for authenticity and quality, elegance and innovation.  They still do.

The Temple — a 77,000-square-foot factory in Rochester, New York — is where it all happens.
Tailors from around the world gather in Rochester's sartorial sanctuary to set sleeves and stitch collars and roll lapels.  Each tailor has a different specialty, but they all share a common goal:  to create suits that represent the very pinnacle of American tailoring.

For decades, anyone who stepped into the Temple saw the phrase "Keep the Quality Up" carved into the oak entryway.  "Keep the Quality Up" was the Hickey Freeman motto — and its mission statement.  It still is.